Hey there, we're a new server looking to offer a custom and unique experience that includes: custom events, competitions, and a great server staff. Down below you can find links to our forums and lots more yet to come

Hardcore means Hardcore: there is a 1x mining bonus (in StarMade terms, 2x) in claimed turf, asteroids don't respawn, and claiming and holding territory is costly. One man factions will have it tough.

Sever address:

Care bears beware: There is no starting ship, no home base protection, and no handouts. Pvp is allowed and encouraged anywhere, any time. If you can't handle that, try harder.




A Hardcore PvP server with role play elements

Homeworld is coming to Darkside pvp with Vaygr pirates and Bentusi traders. It's rumored that somewhere amongst the stars the gatekeepers of sajuuk wait to be found. The first person to collect all 3 gatekeepers is rewarded with Sajuuk itself. Bentusi and Vaygr stations are coming soon.


Teamspeak address: tx1.teamspeak.cc:9573

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Darkside Hardcore PvP with elements of roleplay starmade server